AIC is a global electronics semiconductor company. We provide assembly and test services for multinational electronics companies. AIC offers an integrated suite of packaging and test services such as wafer grinding, a wide range of lead frames IC packaging, MEMS, smartcard, RFID and analog, digital and mixed-signal test services. Our turnkey services include design, assembly, test, failure analysis, and electrical and thermal characterization.

AIC Semiconductor has strong technical know-how in these manufacturing processes and quick turnaround response times. AIC Semiconductor is certified with the IATF16949 International Automotive Task Force certifications. AIC Semiconductor is strongly committed to high product and service quality and also to environmentally friendly practices by utilizing RoHS compliant process and RoHS compliant materials. AIC located in Kulim Hi Tech Park Malaysia with approximately 320 employees.

Our parent company GoodArk Electronics Co., Ltd. located in Suzhou, China, was established in 1990 and is publicly listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 002079) . Good-Ark is one of the largest Diode, Rectifier & Bridge Rectifier manufacturers in the world and is the industry leader in SMA/SMB/SMC & DFN/QFN package types.

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Our values & milestones established since 1997,

"The value of a company is determined by employees' happiness & customers' gratefulness"

By Dr. Wu Nian Bo, Chairman.

AIC Semiconductor (AICS) a subsidiary company of Good Ark Suzhou China, was established to deliver a range of assembled Wide Spectrum Semiconductor category products.

Situated on an 11.8 acre plot with easy access to many Multinational Corporations and customers, AICS is committed to be a major player in the semiconductor industries and destined to be a World-class Turnkey Semiconductor Sub-Contractor for Packaging Design, Assembly, Test and Distribution. AICS aspires to be the Supplier of choice for a wide range of advanced packages while sustaining our Core competence in Leaded packages.

Using State-of-the-art packaging simulation techniques, and advanced materials and process characterization, our Package Development team has successfully developed a wide range of CSP (Chip Scale Package), MCM (Multi-Chip Module), and Smart Card Module products with high reliability and yield within short development cycle time. While constantly maintaining quality standards, AICS also places paramount emphasis on excellence as our way of life and creating a happy family culture based on the 8 Modules, that is 1) Humanistic Care, 2) Humanistic Education, 3) Green Enterprise, 4) Health Maintenance, 5) Philanthropy, 6) Volunteer Programmes, 7) Humanistic Documentation, and 8) Fulfilling Responsibility.

AICS was certified to the ISO9002: 1994 Standard by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance in July, 1999. AICS has also achieved certification of ISO/TS 16949:2009 in November 2005 and from the same Quality registration body. Besides this, certification for the transition from ISO/TS 16949:2009 to IATF 16949:2016 was held in October 2017 and we successfully obtained the certification for Year 2017/2018. With these achievements, AICS became a Quality Endorsed Company for Assembly and test of Semiconductor IC devices.

Investment in the latest state-of –art equipment for both Assembly and Test operations put AICS at the forefront of technology. While improving on our current processes and manufacturing technology to ensure that we are always capable of providing our customers with the right products at right time and pricing, our Package Development and Engineering teams are at the same time constantly assessing future assembly techniques. Aside these, our Process technology and manufacturing system also allow us to deliver exceptional product quality, reliability, yield and short production cycle time. At AICS, we constantly strive to fulfill our basic mission of delivering the best assembled and tested Wide Spectrum of Semiconductor products. These ranged from Flex, PLCC, PDIP, SOIC, VSOP/TSOP, MEMS, QFN and TSSOP to the most advanced CSP Integrated Circuit Package for all our customers who are predominantly leading American MNCs. The main application of the products manufactured by AICS are in the field of automotive, related industries and medicine.

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AIC Semiconductor strives to fulfill its basic mission of delivering the best assemble and tested wide spectrum of semiconductor products. These products include MEMS, QFN, Smartcard & RFID, PLCC, PDIP, SOIC, VSOP/TSOP and TSSOP.

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